Specialization in Data science for economics, business and finance (Università degli Studi di Milano)


Lectures are in italian.


The course explains the topics listed in the lecture calendar.

Lectures calendar

Date Topic
16/03/2018 Python introduction.
27/04/2018 Pandas: indices and series.
04/05/2018 Pandas: dataframe.
04/05/2018 Pandas: graphics.
11/05/2018 Recap exercises.

Exam modalities

The exam involves the courses Parallel and distributed computing, Elements of R and python (python module), Databases, data linking and data visualization e Cloud computing, Data Base and Web Scraping Lab (Cloud computing module). Students can download a notebook describing a project to implement and a file containing data to be processed. The project implementations (individual or by a group of max 2 people) should be sent via e-mail to the teachers.