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Dario Malchiodi

Università degli Studi di Milano unimi
(associate professor)
(visiting scientist)
Data Science Research Centre DSRC
(scientific board)

17/09/2023 research
Accepted paper in «IEEE Access»
The paper «Efficient and Compact Representations of Deep Neural Networks via Entropy Coding», wich I coauthored with G. Marinò, F. Furia and M. Frasca, has been accepted for publication in IEEE Access.
17/09/2023 teaching SAD
September oral tests of Statistics and data analysis
Students enrolled in the Statistics and data analysis test of 13/9 should receive an e-mail message containing the results and the schedule of oral tests, which will take place in the meeting room on the fifth floor of the Computer Science Department, at 14:30 on Tuesday 19/9 and at 14:30 on Thursady 20/9.
10/09/2023 teaching SAD
Place and time of the Statistics and data analysis written test of September 13th, 2023
The Statistics and data analytics written test of 13/9 will take place in the classrooms omega and sigma of the computer science department, at 8:30. Participants can bring a book and a notebook for consultation.
11/07/2023 teaching SAD
July oral tests of Statistics and data analysis
Students enrolled in the Statistics and data analysis test of 6/7 should receive an e-mail message containing the results and the schedule of oral tests, which will take place in the fifth floor of the Computer Science Department on Thursday 13/07 (14:30, meeting room), Friday 14/07 (9:30, meeting room and 14:30, lab. magistrale), and Monday 17/07 (9:30 and 14:30, meeting room). The public correction of the written test will take place on 17/7 at the end of the oral tests.
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Bachelor, master and PhD

  • Algorithms for massive data (DSE) @unimi master Lectures are in English 2021-222022-23
  • Algorithms for massive datasets @unimi master Lectures are in English 2021-222022-23
  • Computer programming for data analysis @uca DUT Lectures are in french 2021-22
  • Statistics and data analytics @unimi bachelor Lectures are in italian 2021-222022-23
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Research areas

  • Data-driven induction of fuzzy sets
  • Compression of machine learning models
  • Mining of knowledge bases in semantic Web
  • Negative example selection in bioinformatics
  • ML-based COVID-19 risk prediction
  • Application of ML in veterinary and forensics
  • Popularization of informatics culture
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[Marinò et al., 2023] Marinò Giosuè C., Furia Flavio, Malchiodi Dario and Frasca Marco Efficient and Compact Representations of Deep Neural Networks via Entropy Coding, IEEE Access (2023), In press [doi> BIBTEX]

[Gliozzo et al., 2023] Gliozzo Jessica, Marinò Giosuè, Bonometti Arturo, Frasca Marco and Malchiodi Dario Resource-Limited Automated Ki67 Index Estimation in Breast Cancer, in Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Bioinformatics Research and Applications, ACM, 2023, In press [BIBTEX]

[Ruschioni et al., 2023] Ruschioni Giulia, Malchiodi Dario, Zanaboni Anna M. and Bonizzoni Letizia Supervised learning algorithms as a tool for archaeology: classification of ceramic samples described by chemical element concentrations, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 49 (2023), 103995 [doi> BIBTEX]

[Malchiodi et al., 2023] Malchiodi Dario, Raimondi Davide, Fumagalli Giacomo, Giancarlo Raffaele and Frasca Marco A Critical Analysis of Classifier Selection in Learned Bloom Filters: the Essentials, in L. Iliadis, I. Maglogiannis, S. Alonso Castro, C. Jayne and E. Pimenidis (Eds.), Engineering Application of Neural Networks — 24th International Conference — EAAAI/EANN 2023 — León, Spain, June 14—17, 2023 —Proceedings, Springer Nature, Communications in Computer and Information Science 1826, 47—61, 2023 [doi> preprint BIBTEX]

[Marinò et al., 2023a] Marinò Giosuè C., Petrini Alessandro, Malchiodi Dario and Frasca Marco Deep neural networks compression: a comparative survey and choice recommendations, Neurocomputing 520 (2023), 152—170 [doi> BIBTEX]

[Condorelli and Malchiodi, 2022] Condorelli Andrea and Malchiodi Dario Designing a Master Course on Architectures for Big Data: A Collaboration Between University and Industry, Informatics in Education 4 (2022), 635—653 [doi> BIBTEX]

[Zanaboni et al., 2022] Zanaboni Anna M., Malchiodi Dario, Bonizzoni Letizia and Ruschioni Giulia Classification of Pottery Fragments Described by Concentration of Chemical Elements, in P. L. Mazzeo, E. Frontoni, S. Sclaroff and C. Distante (Eds.), Image Analysis and Processing. ICIAP 2022 Workshops. ICIAP 2022., Vol. 13373, Cham: Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (ISBN 978-3-031-13320-6), 141—151, 2022 [doi> BIBTEX]

[Fumagalli et al., 2022] Fumagalli Giacomo, Raimondi Davide, Giancarlo Raffaele, Malchiodi Dario and Frasca Marco On the Choice of General Purpose Classifiers in Learned Bloom Filters: An Initial Analysis Within Basic Filters, in Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods — ICPRAM, SciTePress (ISBN 978-989-758-549-4), 675—682, 2022 [doi> BIBTEX]

[Casali et al., 2021] Casali Michelangelo, Malchiodi Dario, Spada Claudio, Zanaboni Anna M., Cotroneo Rosy, Furci Domenico, Sommariva Andrea, Genovese Umberto and Blandino Alberto A pilot study for investigating the feasibility of supervised machine learning approaches for the classification of pedestrians struck by vehicles, Journal of Forensics and Legal Medicine 84 (2021), 102256 [doi> BIBTEX]

[Bagardi et al., 2021] Bagardi Mara, Locatelli Chiara, Zanaboni Anna M., Galizzi Alberto, Malchiodi Dario and Brambilla Paola G. Multiple retrospective analysis of survival and evaluation of cardiac death predictors in a population of dogs affected by degenerative mitral valve disease in ACVIM class C treated with different therapeutic protocols, Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences 24 - 1 (2021), 109—118 [doi> BIBTEX]

[Esposito et al., 2021] Esposito Andrea A., Casiraghi Elena, Chiaraviglio Francesca, Scarabelli Alice, Stellato Elvira, Plensich Guido, Lastella Giulia, Di Meglio Letizia, Fusco Stefano, Avola Emanuele, Jachetti Alessandro, Giannitto Caterina, Malchiodi Dario, Frasca Marco, Beheshti Afshin, Robinson Peter N., Valentini Giorgio, Forzenigo Laura and Carrafiello Gianpaolo Artificial Intelligence in Predicting Clinical Outcome in COVID-19 Patients from Clinical, Biochemical, and a Qualitative Chest X-Ray Scoring System, Reports in Medical Imaging 14 (2021), 27—39 [doi> BIBTEX]

[Galizzi et al., 2021] Galizzi Alberto, Bagardi Mara, Stranieri Angelica, Zanaboni Anna M., Malchiodi Dario, Borromeo Vitaliano, Brambilla Paola G. and Locatelli Chiara Factors affecting the urinary aldosterone-to-creatinine ratio in healthy dogs and dogs with naturally occurring myxomatous mitral valve disease, BMC Veterinary Research 17 - 1 (2021), 1—14 [doi> BIBTEX]

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