Specialization course for high-school teachers (Università degli Studi di Milano)

This course introduces Mathematica as a tool enabling to implement teaching experiences.


Date Info
14/09/2007 Next tests of Symbolic processing laboratory
The next tests of the Laboratory of symbolic processing test will be held on 19/12/2007 an on 8/1/2008 in aula omega in Via Comelico, at 15:00. Students are required to subscribe within 5 days from the test date, sending an e-mail to the teacher, specifying their first and last name.
02/07/2007 Results of the Laboratory of symbolic processing test of June, 29 2007
The results of the Laboratory of symbolic processing test of 29/6 are available.
25/06/2007 Place and time of Symbolic processing laboratory test
The Laboratory of symbolic computation test (for students not presenting a project) will take place on 29/6 in aula omega in Via Comelico 39 starting from 14:30.
01/06/2007 Laboratory of symbolic processing projects
Students willing to present a project are asked to contact the teacher, specifying the number of persons (not bigger than 4) in their working group, with the aim of deciding the project topic. Projects about experiences for the taught classes are highly encouraged.


Lectures are in italian.

Course schedule

Lectures will take place at the Computer science department, according to the following schedule:

Day Hour Place
Tuesday 15:30 - 19:30 aula omega

Any change to the schedule will be announced in class and published in paragraph News of this page.

Office hours

By appointment, room 5015 of the Computer Science Department. It is possible contact the teacher by e-mail, taking care to read in advance the guide prepared by Prof. Sebastiano Vigna and clearly specifying in the message the course name and the academic year. In particular, students are encouraged to always use their academic address (i.e. based on the domain studenti.unimi.it) signing with name and student ID number and recalling that the response time may vary depending on the teacher commitments.

Course material

The cours is based on a set of tutorials.


The course explains the topics listed in the lecture calendar, covering the tutorials listed in section Course material.

Lectures calendar

Date Topic Material
24/4 The Mathematica language
8/5 2d graphics
15/5 3D graphics
22/5 Importing and visualizing data
29/5 Exploiting external computational tools

Exam modalities

The exam consists either in the implementation of project or in a laboratory test.

Exam sessions

Session Date
June 29/06/2007 Results