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Hi, I'm Dario and this is my home page. Here you can find some news about my activities, mainly related to my academic position. I'm at present associate professor at the Computer Science Department of Milan University (Italy).

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My research activity focuses mainly the treatment of uncertainty in machine learning problems, with particular reference to the exploitation of data quality, the design of learning algorithms and their application in the bioinformatics domain. I published more than ninety papers on journals and conference proceedings. I've been member in ten research projects at the national and the international level, among which six were funded by the European Commssion. Previously I've been working on granular computing, bootstrap methods for regression problems, theoretical analysis of computational learning, hybrid systems in learning problems, automatic simplification of symbolic descriptions, study of population dynamics, intelligent systems for pervasive and ubiquitous computing, and emotion classification.

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During the academic year 2018/19 I will primary teach at the University of Milan, on the core courses of Statistics and data analysis (for the BSc in Computer science) and on the elective courses of Big scale analytics and Informatics didactics (for the MSc in Computer science). I will also teach Advanced databases at the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis. During the academic year 2017/18 I taught on the courses of Statistics and data analysis, Big scale analytics, Informatics didactics and Analysis of multidimensional data. Previously I also taught courses of Simulation, Operating systems, Computer programming 1, Computer programming 3, Software engineering, and of Computer programming lab.

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Since about ten years I have been working on popularization and teaching of computer science: I coordinated the activities for prospective students in computer science degrees and for the Sciences division of my university, I wrote two textbooks and several popularization books, I am among the founders of the ALADDIN laboratory, I collaborated on a radio broadcast about computer science and I worked on various initiatives for the popularization of the culture behind computer science. I've also beeninvolved in the implementation of internships for the training of secondary school teachers.

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Public correction of the Statistics and data analysis written test of September, 16th 2019 – 20/09/2019

Tags: Teaching Statistics and data analytics

The public correction of the written test of 16/9/19 will take place at 11:00 on 27/9 in Lab. Laurea Magistrale 5 piano. Students with further questions will be able to view their own test.

Results of the Statistics and data analysis written test of September, 16th 2019 and oral test calendar – 20/09/2019

Tags: Teaching Statistics and data analytics

Students enrolled in the Statistics and data analytics test of 16/9 should receive an e-mail message showing their result. The oral tests will take place in the lab. Laurea magistrale at the 5th floor of the computer science department, according to the following schedule organized by last name initial: from A to C, 24/9 at 9:30; from D to Z, 26/9 at 14:30.

Place and time of the Big scale analytics test of September 2019 – 11/09/2019

Tags: Teaching Big scale analytics

The Big scale analytics oral tests of September will take place in the Lab. Magistrale room at the fifth floor of the Computer science department on 18/9 at 9:30.

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